Janitors' Bill of Rights

We the people, urge local building owners and contractors to respect the rights of commercial office cleaners to pursue the American Dream for their families by the establishments of Bill of Rights for Connecticut janitors:

  • A living wage that sustains our families and our communities;
  • Access to affordable healthcare for ourselves and our families;
  • Benefits that show respect for our basic human needs such as paid sick days;
  • Appropriate hours, training, adequate equipment, and the necessary resources to provide a quality service;
  • A workplace free of harassment and discrimination;
For more information, please call the 32BJ SEIU at: (860) 560-8674

We hold these truths to be self-evident and hereby support the Janitors' Bill of Rights.

By signing I agree that my name can be published and used in advertisements as a supporter of the Janitor Bill of Rights.